Thursday, February 23, 2012

CAVELL - "Love Song" [Video]

One of the most honest songs I’ve written so far. When I got the email asking if i was interested in jumping on a track produced by Twice as nice I jumped at the opportunity. The song’s a reinterpretation of Adele’s cover of the Cure classic. I never listened to Adele’s version until after I wrote and recorded the song back in July last year. The simplicity of the chorus I wanted to keep. Contrast between the simple chorus and complicated verses were key to carrying out the point and message within this song. No matter what “I will always love you”. The creative process was amazing. Somehow I was constantly coming up with different harmonies and melodies throughout the recording session which eventually built the song up to what it is now. The song pretty much wrote it self which makes it even more special for me. Those moments are short and rare but genius at the same time. Im glad I can finally share this song with you. “Love Song” - Cavell

Track re-produced by Twice As Nice

Directed and edited by David Fanafitu Schaaf