Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YOUNG SID's Album Climbs The Chart:

And maybe one day he will have a top 10 of his own...

What Doesn't Kill Me... moves #16-11 on this weeks albums chart.

Mean! Congratulations Sid!

If you haven't copped yet, be sure to grab a copy of the album soon, before we discontinue the limited edition deluxe version and it reverts to an 11-track single album.

In other news... the video for his collaboration with Stan Walker, "Stuck In A Box"; is being shot with Director, Andy Morton; this week. The single/video is set to drop on June 15th.


Sean said...

I saw you got funding for "You" last NZ on Air decisions, is that still being made into a video?

Danny-illmatic said...

Dope both those songs are good...cant wait to see the results andy is the man

MTC said...

Yep, YOU will be the single after "Stuck In A Box"