Sunday, March 28, 2010

DERTY SESH - Sunday News Feature:

By LEE UMBERS - Sunday News

NEW Zealand's latest rap sensation is delivering a King hit on the music scene.

Derty Sesh – aka Nathan King, son of entertainer Mike King – releases his debut album, Sic Love, tomorrow.

But the 23-year-old is already being labelled the brightest new star on the local hip-hop scene.

And the video for his second single, Forever – inspired by the Saw horror films – is attracting reaction from critical praise to disgust.

In the video, a hooded Nathan is shown repeatedly stabbing a bound and gagged young woman he has lured to his shack after killing her boyfriend at a woodlands picnic ground.

An unrepentant Nathan told Sunday News "the whole point" of the video was to cause controversy.

"My whole thing is to push the limit. We got one person who wrote ... saying it's really disgusting, and he was quoting [the song's] lyrics. Then at the end, he was like, `But then again it's not a bad video, I would watch it'," Nathan said.

"People in the hip-hop community [are saying] this is the best New Zealand hip-hop video to date."

The "horror movie with music" theme will continue with the 13-track Sic Love.

"It's not `wow' when someone does it in rock `n' roll or metal, because they do a lot of dark stuff. But to do that with hip-hop music and still make it sound commercial enough to be put on radio as well, I think that's awesome. That's what I've pretty much done with this album. It's pretty much a hip-hop rock opera show."

Nathan's cocky confidence – he swaggeringly announces "I'm the new kid ... best in the world" on first single Really Don't Care – and raw lyrics aren't surprising given his comedian father's at-times edgy stage shows.

His musical ability is self taught, his days at Auckland's Western Springs College and Mt Albert Grammar consumed by "beatboxing or making a rap or writing a song in my head". He came up with the stage name Derty Sesh in the third form.

Nathan said his relationship with his often-busy father has "never been huggy-huggy, lovey-lovey, how you see it on the movies".

"I was never the kid to go around like `Hey that's my dad'. I hated that," he said.

"When people would come over and do photos for ... a woman's magazine, I would always try to stay out of the photo if I could. I'd rather be noticed for `Hey that's Nathan' ... not `that's Mike's son'.

"Some people would be like, `It must be so awesome to have him as a dad, you must have so much money', and that wasn't the case. He had more money than an average job but it wasn't like we were millionaires with Ferraris."

Dropping out of school in the fifth form "to be a rapper", Nathan did a three-month music industry course with Dawn Raid Entertainment and stayed out in south Auckland for a while to taste life in a different 'hood.

To fund his impending career, he flew to Perth and worked for a year in the mines at $1200-1500 Australian a week.

"I saved up a lot and brought all the equipment I now have – microphones, pop filters, speakers, PCs and everything."

He wrote and produced Really Don't Care and cut a video of the single with a film crew of mates to get his name out.

The result was his being signed to the Move The Crowd Records (MTC) in January. So impressed was the label, it remixed Really Don't Care – backing Nathan up with two of its biggest acts, Young Sid and Ethical.

A national tour with band Smashproof followed – and a taste of what being up on the big stage can offer.

"I was excited just to get my music out to other people. But what did I get in return. I just got a lot of women," Nathan joked.

"I get a lot of friend requests on Facebook from women now. It's pretty funny ... everybody wants to be your friend."

As Sic Love – in which Nathan wrote and produced every song – is about to hit the record stores, he is already working on a second album.

After the inevitable promotional rounds in Australia, he aims to head to America.

"I definitely want to go to the States, start a career over there, get their money."

The ambition has been burning for years. A tattoo bearing the name Derty Sesh runs the length of his left arm with flames surrounding the letters.

"That was just to symbolise that I'm on fire.

"Another cocky thing," he says, erupting into laughter.


Anonymous said...

nice...good to get some realness about derty sesh shot to nathan workin hard to make it happin..I dont 100% feel the music (yet) but I can 100% appreciate dudes grind and work ethic..good luck with debut

Anonymous said...

Inspired by Saw movies lol what a joke..

Anonymous said...

Awful. This makes me sick. I didn't think there was anyone less talented than mike king, but I was wrong! He thinks he's the man, rapping about raping and killing defenseless woman. If I saw the cowardly runt on the streets I would kick his arse until he cried and ran home to daddy.

Anonymous said...

NZ rap sucks shit. With P-money groping girls in wellington alleys and this shit, I am ashamed to be a NZer. Learn flip burgers and gut fish, thats what you will be doing in a couple of years 'BRO!

Anonymous said...

Derty Sesh could be MTCs undoing? Executive stuff-up big time.

Anonymous said...

Sesh is gonna fuck it up for MTC!
I honestly cant believe you seriously think he has what it takes to sell albums!
Your wasting studio time too!!
2 albums this year?
thats fucked up..

Anonymous said...

^^^Hard. MTC was the dopest when Sesh and Kayo weren't on the scene. Shoulda went hard with Sir T first.. hes nice with it plus quite original. I don't think Sesh will sell much at all. Hes gettin controversy no doubt but in a bad way hard, think he lost alotta peeps who were keen to follow his steps. I honestly think I liked him more before the Forever video, since then I just think hes bitten Em too much. Like even the bit right at the end of the track.. fuckin Eminem hard!

Anonymous said...

the dude stole eminems style

Anonymous said...

Lol @ P'Money groping girls comment...

THought he was on name suppression??

Anonymous said...

You cant say on national news it was based around the tv series DEXTER then change your story to its based around SAW movies, then say on the news that you are totally surprised at the controversey but in this article sesh says "the whole point of the video was to cause controversy."

contradtions galore, say whatever it takes.. full of shit

Anonymous said...


Mi said...

I Like It This is just my opinion and i really like scary movies so this fits me perfectly
but dont get me wrong i go for the womens thing but arent there alot real "men are the best" lyrics to loads of raps
but they dont get pulled up now do they.

Shaun said...

Going over and working the mines to fund your dream solidifies your ambition, no-one would argue with that. Trying to align or better yet excuse your video clip to a "horror movie" is bullshit man. Look, don't loose sight of what you really want to and that inspiration that drove you crank out some hard labour to earn that cash. Don't listen to what some suit or wanna-be music exec claims will bring you infamous notiriety. Because the truth is, anything displaying kid napping, rape and eventual murder against anyone let alone women is just down right wrong. Don't defend it. Don't excuse it. Don't try to place the blame on anyone else. Just don't do that shit again. Follow your dreams and make some music that commands respect not disappointment. I'm sure you can.