Sunday, April 19, 2009

SMASHPROOF interview for Radio NZ:

I just snatched this interview from the fella's at shotthen.

I'm glad that it surfaced elsewhere, because Leilani sent this to me early in the week. But i must have deleted her email during my drunken night out with Suga Sean, Emile, Armen and Pro. Whoops!

This features the boys (and me) discussing The Weekend and their careers to date.

This is very well put together. Thank you Leilani.


Anonymous said...

60 minutes,20/20 or inside nz needs to do a 30minute doco on this story... t.v will reach alot more people. then all of NZ will know whats up.

Anonymous said...

lol drunken night out on the emails

Leilani said...

haha, shot Kurt!