Thursday, February 19, 2009

NZ HIP HOP is not dead:

Have you seen the singles chart charts lately? Don't call it a comeback! We've been here for years!

Smashproof - "Brother" #2
Nesian Mystik - "Mr. Mista" #4
Savage - "Wild Out" #11
P Money "Everything" #40

I know that Mr Money's single is not strictly a Hip-Hop track, but he is one of us, despite his need to explore other territories.

By the way, i know i'm late with this; but here's P's second foray into the dance world. It's an impressive trailer for a movie/song called "Angels". And as my 4.5 year old son would say, "it's skooky"! OooooOOOoooOOOOoooooOOOOOoo!

We still love ya P, even if you are currently making music for glowstick twirling men in tights in Nelson! :) You'll be back!


Anonymous said...

love your blog and choice of words!

Anonymous said...

lol at the shots at P Money, get em!

Anonymous said...

plus just check the latest nzoa funding decisions.. it's a hip-hop casserole! good looks on the young sid album funding.