Thursday, October 16, 2008

YOUNG SID & ETHICAL at the NZ Music Awards:

Eth & Sid hit the red carpet at the 2008 NZ Music Awards.


Anonymous said...

It would have been mean if Young Sid had won the Award he was up for I honestly think "The Truth" is one of the most important nz albums to date.

Eru Waipiro said...

sid was ripped off. those awards are a joke.

MTC said...

Oh well, there's always next year, or the year after that. Sid isn't a one trick pony, and i get that Scribe music has wider appeal for middle NZ. But never fear, we will be back!

Sid lands in NY in December and we are going to go hard making his second album immediately.

2009 will bring a new Sid album, the Smashproof album and a new project/group that will also include Sid.

Daniel said...

Yeah I was gutted when Sid dident win it really would have forced the media to show Young Sid in the positive light that he deserves instead of the negative image the public has of him.

Dope news on Young Sid Album plans... props to MTC for keepin shit movin.

I wonder what kind of inspiration he would get from going to LA aswell since his music is so heavily West Coast influenced just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Was extremely proud of the boyz from the South the nomination in itself is an achievement, being recognised as the top three in the country ain't bad. Big ups to Young Sid

Would have to agree with your comment re. "wider appeal for middle NZ" on scribe, which annoys me if that was a determing factor for winning the award, as in my humble opinion the roots of urban music are not found in "middle NZ".

Which leads me to my second point a review of the awards is sorely needed to be more specific increased, to allow for soul and R&B, rap as well as hip-hop, pop rock etc. Urban, Hip-hop as an award title is "playing it safe" at its worst was that it was limiting. Awards spokesperson Campbell Smith said "the awards again reflect the outstanding quality and VARIETY of New Zealand Music" Variety! are you kidding me!

I'm fortunate to see some of NZs talent on a regular basis(its hard to keep up), its a pity our music industries "powers that be" don't fully appreciate what we have and this is reflected in the poor awards system that exist.

You guys have a great attitude looking ahead to the future, wish you all the best for the upcoming smashproof album!

I am keen to interview the guyz,will reveal more later. Its a waiting game for me at this time. E-H

Anonymous said...

Its great to see sid and others having the opportunities to branch out of nzland and be exposed to the wider elements of the hip-hop and hood game...nice looking out M.T.C!!!