Tuesday, June 5, 2007

SCRIBE album update...

This just in from P Money...

As of today we have about 20 songs in demo form ready to mixdown for Scribe's album. I imagine the final thing to have like 12-14 tracks... What you will get on this record is gonna be an album that represents Scribes own vision and taste in music. The tracks are more on the introspective and lyrical tip. The vibe continues from where tracks like 'Dreaming' and 'My Lady' left off. And there is noticably less of the rock influenced tracks like "Stand Up" & "Stop The Music".

Our boys Fire & Ice and 10Aciouss have been puttin in work as well as a lot of other producers to make this album what Scribe wanted it to be. And you can be sure it will be of that trusted Dirty Records quality... and I'm glad to say its only a few months away from release.

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