Monday, June 4, 2007

Have you heard of K54?

Coz we're down!

Northlands finest have just finished blessing Young Sid's "Hood Like Me" remix and are busy putting the final touches on their album "Tha Plot Thikinz". We predict great things for these brothers, check 'em out HERE , where you can hear the banger "Hoo Raa", which is worth the price of admission alone. Apparently these guys shows up in Tha Naughty North are straight roadblocks!

Check out their video for "Tha Naughty" below...

Real shit!

1 comment:

JayCee.a.k.a.Mista SPITZ said...

Yeah Yeah K54 ya'll Ima vouch fo dese mo'fo'z fo reel. Keep holdin down da Nauwty wit konviction yo.
Stay up ma Nauwty Nauwf Soldiers..